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Hello you ineffable beam of light!


Welcome to The Apothecary
Thank you for being the steward of LOVE you are in this realm... keep shining, keep sharing...

You are the MEDICINE the world needs. 


Here you will find trinkets, magic and sacred goodies with the intetion of supporting & furthering
your beautiful Lightwork:

※ ༓ ※   A Sacred Companion & Ally For Your Plant Medicine Ceremonies  ※ ༓ ※ 

The Green Dragon Ceremonial Oil Channeled Meaning & Message || Viles Are Via Donation of Your Choosing Between $77-$222aud (includes postage in Australia)

The GREEN DRAGON CEREMONIAL OIL by Jïlda Rõse is a bespoke LIQUID LIGHT oil that was created & channelled once a upon a blood blue full moon Cacao Ceremony. The Spirit of Cacao spoke and asked an accompaniment be channeled for those who desire to delve deeper and soar higher within their Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony.


And so, The Green Dragon Ceremonial Oil blend of ༓ Liquid Light ༓ was born. 

This Ceremonial Oil is stewarded by The Spirit of The Green Dragon, the protector of Gaia's beloved and sacred plants. We bottle is blended with Love, brewed with Harmony and blessed with the Grace & Spirit of Oneness.


Each vile is hand poured, infused diamond Lightcodes from the Comos & Gaia, cleansed with Sage and wrapped up with love before it makes it's way to its new home as a blessed companion for those who are either new to plant medicine or a frequent flyer desiring to go deep within their Cacao Ceremony/ Plant Medicine Experiences.


The Green Dragon Ceremonial Oils are blessed & brewed neath large astrological events (full moons, blue moons, blood moons, solstices, eclipses, etc...) to enhance their vibrational potency in honour of all plant medicines.



The Ceremonial Oil acts as a Sensory anchor to the user - simply apply to the neck, soles of the feet and rub together on the palms of your hands and inhale deeply as guided during your ceremony.


This topical use only oil, is ceremonial graded blend due and is energetically charged & infused to support, open, ground, connect & honour both the Spirit of Cacao and its applier, during their sacred plant ceremony.



The Green Dragon is a powerful essential oil blend attuned to encourage one while in ceremony with Cacao or Gaia's Plants to open their heart, quiet their mind and first reconnect with their Spirit Self, inviting a spaciousness from within the soul to connect to infinite Source Wisdom through Gaia's womb while inviting Spirit Guidance to flow through them.

A powerful harmoniser & balancer of the heart & mind, The Green Dragon Ceremonial Oil invites curiosity, openness, playfulness & powerful inner reflection for both deeper conscious & subconscious healing and remembrances to occur. This incredibly supportive blend aids one in self-awareness work and inner child healing. It brings individuals back down to earth, and helps them become more rooted in life from their truest highest essence, powerfully supporting individuals in centring & anchoring in their True Self.  


For those who wish of their own free will to delve deeper & fly higher in their ceremony, the Green Dragon, as a ceremony companion, challenges any who may wish to bypass emotional pain; it lights the doorway of the heart to deeper healing that the Spirit of Cacao/ Plants are guiding us too during ceremony.

The Green Dragon Ceremonial Oil supports the Soul in perceiving new possibilities. It reconnects one to Spirit, reminding them they are indeed multidimensional beings & the medicine the world needs. Instilling a deep invitation to conjure & share their creativity daily through their DNA-vinely given gifts & talents and to freely express & share these authentically with the world. 


This bespoke oil offers individuals a gentle reminder to always channel & serve the world and their life purpose creatively from their the highest expression of bliss & joy for the greatest good of all. A powerful creative fire starter, the Green Dragon inspires creative expression and it encourages one to turn on their Divine Creativity and tap into their womb of creation, infinite potential and to live & share abundantly and above all, playfully!


A powerful ally and advocate along side the Spirit of Cacao and Plants Medicines for love & commonUNITY within this realm, the Green Dragon ceremonial blend, supports in bringing people together, uniting their hearts & lights, remembering their oneness & knowing they are not alone…


Life is a shared sacred experience and each day, is in fact ceremony.

Disclaimer: This sacred oil is for topical use only. For best use, roll onto soles of feet and back of neck. Do not ingest. Please use the power of your own discernment when choosing to work with this oil.


SHIPPING TERMS - All oils are individually brewed and blessed. All orders placed will be brewed and shipped within a 2-6 week window.

Jïlda Rõse Xx

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