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Welcome! If you are here on this page you must be a fellow inner voyager & conscious c-creator of this reality! I look forward to connecting with you as your Oracle & Guide at this next step of your souls evolution and supporting you and gifting more of your essence, vision and genius to this world.

✧ ❂ ✧

Connect 1 : 1

with Jilda~Rose 🌹💎✨

90mins - 120mins

Choose the level you are willing to play at through a contribution for this session between $333 (minimum) - $1111 and watch Life & The Universe step out to meet you!


✧ ❂ ✧

Each Session includes a foundational teaching of Human Design and an introductory analysis of your Human Design Chart & Gene Keys.

Preparing & analysing your charts takes Jilda-Rose about 3-6 hours studying prior to the session itself (depending on the size of your chart)


When making your booking/donation please consider the session itself and the time and energy spent prior to the session analysing your charts and collating your unique data from the systems into a streamlined source for you understand & receive. 

For your  1:1 Session come with an open heart as we surrender to Spirit!  You may wish to brew a cup of Cacao (click here to BUY Toa Koko Samoan Cacao)


Jilda-Rose is here as an ally, guide, oralce, channel, mirror and friend to your game/dance/ sacred experience of this Gift called life. Session also includes Gene Keys activation reading.

An Attunement for those playing the game of life by Divine Design IN-joying the magic, madness, mystery & miracle.... She is here to support your Divine Essence & unique vibrational soul frequency you are here to Delight in and share with this world..



Sessions are 90mins 

(Foundation / First Readings Please Allow Up to 120mins)


May your generosity be returned to you on the wings of grace 10 x fold.


Please note there can be a waiting period anywhere between to 1 - 8 weeks

when booking a 1:1 Private Session with Jilda~Rose.

We endeavour to schedule your ZOOM with in the next available (Divine) Time!


Let's Connect, Beautiful soul. . .


X ⋇ O ⋇ X ⋇ O


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