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For your Ceremony/ Reading come with an open heart as we surrender to Spirit!  You may wish to brew a cup of Cacao (click here to BUY CACAO)

Within these ceremonies/readings we will invite our Inner Beings/ Source Player Cellvs to surround our Sacred Hearts and open through the infinite field of the quantum realm, so that you may be held in pure love to receive the diamond consciousness, codes, remembrance , guidance, clarity you are so(ul) ready to receive in this honouring this next rung of your sacred spiral & inner journey!


Jïlda~Rõse is here as an ally, guide, channel, mirror, friend and oracle to your game/dance/ sacred experience of this Gift called life. Session also includes Gene Keys activation reading.

An Attunement for those playing the game of life by Divine Design IN-joying the magic, madness, mystery & miracle.... She is here to support your Divine Essence & unique vibrational soul frequency you are here to Delight in and share with this world..



Sessions are 90mins-120 mins (depending)



Please note there can be a waiting period anywhere between to 1 - 6 weeks

when booking a 1:1 Private Session with Jïlda~Rõse.

We endeavour to schedule your ZOOM with in the next available Divine Time!


You are loved.
You are a Gift.



Let's Connect, Beautiful soul. . .


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