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Welcome to my little virtual sanctuary and gallery,

Please Come in...


All I simply ask is remove your shoes upon entry and leave your ego at the metaphorical (and metaphsyical) door


Feel free to take a wander through the divine goodness that is on offer here for you, your evolution, ascension & your higher purpose. 


if you are reading this then you are precisely where you are meant to be on this step in your journey of awakening, cellf realisation and embodiment of your light.


everything you will ever need is stored within your divine dna as the unique expression of the universe you are.

My intention is that here you will find any tools, codes & shares that enliven your spirit and invite your essence even further out into life...


How can I help?

* Join my PRIVATE ONLINE Monthly COMMUNITY and Cacao Ceremonies through 'THE LIGHTHOOD' - JOIN HERE

* 1;1 Readings - intuitive guidance sessions,, Gene Keys & Human Design intro tours & soul BluePRINTS

* Mentoring - 3 - 6 month INNER ACLHEMY DEEP DIVE JOURNEY

* Cacao (

* Ceremonies & Well Being Retreats

* Hire Me To Support, Facilitate or Space HolD At Your Events

* Guided Meditations online

* Frequency Mandala Artwork

* Lightlogos - I will channel your  business entity and Design your LIGHTLogo



* And More


Consider me your fellow ally as we walk together growing, evolving and embody our unique essence on this journey through this wild cosmic ride we call life.

Let's connect.

Book a session or browse my art gallery.

You are loved,

Jïlda~Rõse Slade

x ◬ o ◬ x ◬ o

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