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T H E ༓ L I G H T H O O D

An Online Quantum Lounge & Private CommUNITY Temple for Source Players. A Sacred Soul Space, Playground & Safe Haven Where Brothers & Sisters of the Light Unite, Ignite, Delight In The Magic, Madness, Mystery & Miracle of this Game of Life.

If you are ready to enter a commUNITY of like hearted awakened beings who incarnated at this time on the planet to support the anchoring of 5D New Earth and ascension of hUmaNITY through the game of life - consider yourcellf home.

The Lighthood is a quantum playground, lightbase and and gathering point for awakened souls playing the game of life through tantric presence by divine design, co-creating on the leading edge of consciousness whom are called to share the experience of this magical, maddening, mysterious and miraculous multi-sensory experience with kindred spirits and  epic souls.

Space includes monthly Online Cacao Ceremony & Soul Family Gathering, access to private Telegram Channel for sharing codes, wisdom, resources and beautiful energy to support our individual journey's and collective ascension, and the opportunity to be apart of our online domestic eco-village and trade centre.

Choose your monthly contribution.
Choose what level you're ready to play at.
For Men & Women alike.
Leave your egos at the doors and bare your souls.
Cancel anytime.

Let's play...

We are so(ul) blessed to share this experience with you.
Here's to the infinite magic, miracles, madness & mystery!

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