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Client Testimony Form



Hello Infinite One!


You are here because you are so very special to me and because we shared a beautiful connection through either a reading or 
mentoring (or maybe even both!) 

I am here asking if you would be open spending two minutes of your time writing a brief testimony? This is so others who may feel called to connect to the sacredness of these session may just recieve the nudge (or budge!) their soul is guiding them too. I am hoping you may feel guided to share something that outlines your experience with me and the sacred space in which we entered, whatever you feel Divinely called to share or that which you feel the collective would be gifted to hear.


If you are IN, then here are some guideline questions that may be helpful:


* How would you describe your session with me? How did you feel, why where you called, what did you receive? (reading /mentoring)


* How did this time together help you shift, elevate or transform you in your incarnated experience?


* What would you say has been the biggest shift/ breakthrough/ healing/ realisation/ change/ impact since our sacred time together? (reading / mentoring)


* Would you ever recommend / refer me to others looking for guidance, clarity or direction in their lives life? If so, why?  How do you feel I could support them and what with?


Thank you eternally, from the bottom of my heart, for being on this journey and for choosing yourself fiercely in love & light.

You are magnificent; I hope you always know this and know that I am eternally grateful to have had to honour of crossing hearts with you in this lifetime and playing a role as a piece of your magnificent puzzle. We are all here just helping one another come home. You are such a gift, please keep shining and sharing that big beautiful heart of yours. The world needs your light! And for one, am forever grateful to have been touched by it.


With Love & Light,

Tarryn xoxo



Disclosure: The details you enter below will be summarised into a short testimonial and displayed on my testimonial page/s (reading/mentoring). Please note that by filling this form you are wholeheartedly agreeing that you are giving permission for this information to be published on my website. If you wish to submit an anonymous testimony, simply write 'Anonymous' in the name field.


Client Testimony Form:


Thank you so much for providing your testimony -- You are loved, Tarryn xoxo

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