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Tarryn Slade - Clairvoyant Mentor & Medium: The Mentoring Experience


Comments from some of Tarryn's clients around the world...

Serena Gibson-Page | Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

"Tarryn provides such a loving and supportive space. She helped me TRUST in myself and my own
inner knowing.


Tarryn is a sensational mentor. Throughout our journey together she provided a loving and supportive space for me to express my fears, doubts and desires for my future. Tarryn encouraged me to trust and believe in myself and my own power to create the life of my dreams. Throughout our time together I made some big changes, leaving a relationship that was no longer in alignment with who I am and who I am becoming. Tarryn supported me throughout this entire process, not giving me the answers, rather encouraging me to connect in to myself to discover the best way forward for my highest good, my soul, really trusting myself and my inner knowing. She supported me in one of the biggest shifts I have ever had in my life by releasing a childhood trauma. I finally told my family about this significant event that had affected my life in many ways. This opened up so much opportunity for healing. As a result, not only has the relationship I have with myself improved, my relationship with my mum and sister has also begun healing.


I can not recommend Tarryn enough! If you are READY to take yourself on, to really look at yourself and how you are showing up in this world and are open to receiving guidance in a loving and supportive way then this is your time. It is your time to shine and Tarryn is a powerful lightworker who can show you the way."

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