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Thank you for following the glittery trail of your soul here...

✧ ❂ ✧

Join me in this private subscription IG for LIVE webinars, card readings, my one woman cosmic comedy show, shares from inside my daily life as a soul having a multi-dimensional human experience. I ready for more true, authentic, genuine online connections, aren't you?

After years sharing content publicly what feels expansive and joyful for me is a private IG account where I can share more openly as a guide, as a human, as teacher and as a multi-dimensional.


Connect with genuinely heart-centred open minded awakened souls, ask Q&A in the comments, enjoy my offerings, teachings, channelings, heARTwork and my shares from the behind the scenes of my life movie... a 'Room of Requirement' in a way and my haven to show up as my splenic hits come and offer whatever else Spirit guides me to playfully and authentically share from within the Sanctity of my online home.

Entry to @jildarosewashere is currently only $44aud per calendar year (normally $88aud)

The value of my one woman cosmic comedy show is worth the admission alone ;)


Come on in the cosmic LIVE shows already started...

See you on IG, beautiful Soul of the Universe

🎭 🍿 🎥 🌌 🧬 ✨ 🔑

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