Hi Beautiful Soul!

Did you know that my beloved husband, Sesole Slade & I, are chief channels & providers of of Toa Koko - 100% Samoan Drinking Cacao?



We are so blessed, delighted  and honoured to be bridging Samoan Cacao to the world directly from Sesole's homelands. The bean we use in our Cacao is completely unique to Samoa and was actually cultivated by Sesole's late grandfather and High Chief (whom he is also named after)

Our cacao is vegan, organic, traditional and sustainably sourced through direct family connections in Samoa and is cultivated from bean to bag with LOVE and blessed with the highest vibrations & intentions.

We support a commUNITY of farmers and women in Samoan through this offering and are all so humbled to invited people into IN-joy in the playful essence & peaceful warrior spirit Mother Earth as woven through core essence of our Koko Samoa...

To LEARN MORE about our unique SAMOAN INTENTIONAL DRINKING CACAO visit our sister website:



Manuia Le Aso xoxo


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