An Online Soul Retreat Twice Monthly for the Holy, Human & Heavenly in all things...
2 x LIVE Calls a month with Jïlda~Rõse held every month for LIVING TRANSMISSIONS OF LIGHT and support & connection Playing The Golden Game of LIFE in all of it's Miracles, Magic, Madness & Mystery...
Join us on the First & Third Sunday of every month remaining in 2020

Join The Next Online LIVING TRANSMISSION of LIGHT Call ⚡️ 

 SUN 20th Dec @ 8am AEST

Join Jïlda~Rõse LIVE as we take flight with Source on an Inner Journey during this Sacred Sundays Series inThe Trinity Rose Temple of The Universe: 


LIVE Cacao Ceremony, Guided Attunement/Meditation + LIVING TRANSMISSIONS OF LIGHT

+ access to Facebook Private Zen Zone + access to any BONUS calls


Brew a cup of Cacao, pop your feet up with your headphones on and from the comfort of your own sacred space gift yourCELLF a nourishing retreat for the soul to come home to BEingness through the Divine withIN all things...

Trinîty~Rõse are are offered to help support with:

※ inner peace ※  integration ※ contemplation ※ realisation ※ harmonisation ※  soul essence & radiance ※ expansion ※ synchronisation ※ assimilation


During each live call & Cacao Ceremony, Jïlda will hold unique, sacred & playful space for your sacred curious heart, open divine mind & highest holy potential to ground in as she channels & guides the call through quantum conversations, practical practices & processes to support your physical, mental, astral & emotional bodies in attuning to your innate inner wisdom of your INNER BEING.

Join us for these LIVING TRANSMISSIONS of LIGHT, as we enter a space encoded to honour the 64 Gene Key Archetypes and dance within & beyond the Maya of reality, play through realms of consciousness, open our hearts deeper & wide to the mystery, and contemplate life in all of its divine miracles and share in all things Holy, Human(AF) & Heavenly as the Conscious Co-creators & Expressions of GOD we are in this Divine Matrix.

X ༓ O ༓ X ༓ O

Answer The Next CALLing:

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9am AEST Sydney 

3pm PST LA (Previous Day)

6pm EST NY (Previous Day)

10pm BST London (Previous Day)

(RSVP's CLOSE 12hrs prior to the next ceremony - any RSVP's received after the cutoff time will automatically be transferred for attendance to the following ceremony.)


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We are so(ul) blessed to share this experience with you.
Here's to the infinite magic, miracles, madness & mystery!

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