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Commencing - Jan 31st @ 7:30pm AEST, QLD Australia



✧ 12 x Month Group Mentoring Journey 

✧ 1 x 2hr Gene Keys LIVE Masterclass + Q&A per month with Jilda-Rose  (valued at $777 per class)

✧ Playback recording of all classes - watch at your leisure if you can't tune in LIVE

✧ Private Group Telegram Support Channel for Resources & Q&A

✧ Additional Bonus Masterclasses & Guided Attunements with Jilda-Rose throughout 2024

. ⋆ * ☥ ༓ ✧ ࿇ ✧ ༓ ☥ * ⋆ .

Are you ready for the inner adventure of a lifetime?


Only you can pull the sword of your genius out of the stone of your DNA to fulfill the mission & role your soul came forth into physical form to play in this Game of Life.


Come join us on a 12 x month group inner voyage, as together we embark on The Golden Path Journey through your Gene Keys Profile 🧬 ✨ 🔑 to awaken & activate the unique genius dormant in your DNA ready to unlock you into your highest timelines of potential, purpose & prosperity for this lifetime.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy.

It is the life force & universal language that flows through all things.


It is the Source Power Master Key to our reality and the foundation upon which the building blocks of all existence occur. This energy is fundamentally flowing through your DNA, through the core of your cells, right now. Whether you are aware of it or not...

Stop, take a breath and become present to this fact...


Think of it for just a moment, if we were to place you underneath a microscope you would find that you aren't solid. But rather, you are in fact, trillions of cells whirring, wiring, organising, arranging & re-arranging in intricate patterns and sequences that create the physical expression of you, for your souls consciousness to evolve through and emanate out into existence through waves of frequency & vibration.

DNA is the blueprint of life and within it contains every possible reality & future available for all hUamNITY to fine tune too in the Quantum Field.

Your DNA is holographically encoded and arranged as a coil of coils of coils of coils of coils!  


If you uncoiled the DNA in your body & stretched it out end to end into a single strand, it would roughly equate to about 10 billion miles long (that's the same distance from Earth to Pluto and back again!)

Inside of you is information (Source Code).


An ancient cosmic technology & intelligence that responds to light & frequency. That interacts with the quantum environment. And that also uploads, downloads & stores data.

In short, you are a walking, living, breathing, cellular miracle and living library of cosmic wisdom stored in a sophisticated physical instrument  & apparatus of Divine Intelligence.

As you read these words, your body is breathing without your awareness, your heart is beating without your conscious intention, your body is operating without you needing to do a single thing.

The Gene Keys is about what lays is dormant & latent inside us, inside our bodies, inside our DNA. Only you can pull the sword of your GENE-ius of out the stone of your DNA, meaning only you can activate and attune your DNA into higher frequency states of being, and thus inform The Field of Intelligence of the reality you are ready to co-create, experience & inhabit.

Through The Golden Journey, together we will take a voyage through your inner realms to reveal, heal & permanently DNActivate the unique GENE-ius that only you can bring and contribute to this world....


Let's take a journey through your Hologenetic profile to unlock what lays waiting you stored at the core of you.

12 x Month Group Mentoring Journey Through The Gene Keys Golden Journey with Guide & Quantum Oracle Jilda-Rose

Congratulations for choosing this awesome undertaking!

My invitat
ion for you for this journey is to treat it as a metaphorical pilgrimage of your soul.​

Throughout the next 12. x months you will be faced with your shadows in order to overcome them, you will be gifted with deep insights and epiphanies that bubble up from deep within the core of your being to your conscious awareness and you will begin to be transformed from the inside out...

This journey is not for the fainted hearted...

It is however, for the souls who truly wish to play ALL IN this lifetime and in their inner ascension...

◬ Do you wish for this to be your last incarnation?

◬ Are you ready to truly play ALL IN in unlocking yourCELLF into the full expression of Divinity while here as an eternal universal being and fractal of consciousness expressed in physical form #GODMODE?


◬ Are you truly ready to devote yourCELLF to the inner alchemy to permanently open your heart to all the prosperity that is yours by DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT?


◬ Are you ready to face your 'Boggart's' (magical creatures in the Harry Potter world that assume the form of your fears) so that you can overcome these once and for all, permanently raise your vibration to a new point of attraction in the Quantum Field?


◬ Are you truly devoted, no matter what to being a vessel for LIGHT & for LOVE on this planet and ready to attune yourCELLF on a cellular level to The DIvine that dwells within each and every cell of you?


◬ Are you ready to see more deeply and clearly through the illusion and become the Master of yourCELLF and co-creator of your reality?

. ⋆ * ☥ ༓ ✧ ࿇ ✧ ༓ ☥ * ⋆ .

If you have any questions about this programme and would like to book a 15min illumination call to chat about it please feel free email to arrange a time with Jilda-Rose. Payment plans & scholarships available via application/request, please email -



As part of my inner circle or connected to someone who is, you are invited to join the Golden Journey Program at an exclusive discounted monthly

rate and 12 x part payment plan. 


(Programme/ Private Membership normally $4444aud per year / $370 per month)


 Choose your monthly set contribution amount:


Please note: this amount cannot be reduced or increased throughout the year


If you are experiencing severe financial hardship would like to discuss an alternate monthly amount please email regarding your circumstances and options. You needn't miss out on this transformational journey due to this. An agreement & arrangement can be made Xoxo

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